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7th Grade Math - Area and Perimeter

Clip 10/11: Student Debrief Area & Perimeter


Suzanne McSpadden interviews several students after the lesson.

Teacher Commentary

In this clip, four students are interviewed following the lesson. It's always interesting to hear what students have to say about a lesson. Suzanne McSpadden, our math coach, engaged them in reflecting on their own learning.

Abilities varied among these students, and the surprising similarity among almost all of them was their renewed sense of confidence after this re-engagement lesson. In this discussion, each student described some sense of understanding the material better. One student explains how the difference between area and perimeter "made more sense" and another student describes that "though it was review" for her, the lesson helped make "things more clear." There was a sense of doing better on the task this second time around because there was a new way to look at the problem - whether through partner work or using manipulatives. I found this student debrief very valuable to watch because it allowed Patty and me to further understand student thinking beyond the student discussions we had in class and the think sheets that were submitted at the end of the lesson. It's always helpful to hear more about a lesson from the student perspective.

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