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7th Grade Math - Area and Perimeter

Clip 9/11: Closure - Area & Perimeter


In this section, we close out the lesson and invite students to reflect on their learning.

Teacher Commentary

In this part, we wanted students to reflect on whether the re-engagement lesson helped them in correcting any mistakes they had made on their first attempt at Pizza Crusts. Since our goal was to address these misconceptions, we wanted to know if students felt that they could be more successful a second time around.

In looking through the student think sheets (scans of which can be accessed below), I notice that students are now able to describe area as the number of square units inside the shape. I see this, as students are actually drawing it and creating visual models on their papers. Previous to this re-engagement, it was rare that students had done this. Here, they are now able to focus on 36 squares, creating different rectangles with varied perimeters and the same area. They are now explaining their thinking more, justifying the reasoning behind their math. They finish the lesson with a stronger ability for proving their thinking.

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