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Inside Mathematics provides a resource for educators around the world who struggle to provide the best mathematics instruction they can for their students. Too often, teachers who excel at reaching students have few ways of sharing these strong practices with others – and teachers who struggle, struggle alone. Our classroom doors have remained closed too often and for too long.

Inside Mathematics opens those doors:

  • to tested Public Lessons presented to children and groups of observing teachers;
  • to guided tours of reflective mathematics practice, identifying what makes teaching, learning, and improving instruction in mathematics a difficult enterprise and providing resources for teachers to improve their practice;
  • to mathematics teaching and learning tools and resources to support classroom teachers’, math coaches’, and administrators’ daily practices;
  • and to a professional learning community in which you are invited to open your own classroom door and engage in conversation about your own mathematics teaching and learning.

This work grew out of the Noyce Foundation’s Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative. SVMI is based on high performance expectations, ongoing professional development, examining student work, and improved math instruction. The initiative includes a formative and summative performance assessment system, pedagogical content coaching, and leadership training and networks. Coaches in SVMI learn strategies of re-engagement with students around mathematics assessments, and Public Lessons on re-engagement are featured here.