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7th Grade Math - Area and Perimeter

Clip 11/11: Faculty Debrief Area & Perimeter


After the lesson, Patty and I were able to meet with our district math coaches and debrief the lesson. During the lesson, all three math coaches were evenly distributed around the classroom observing student thinking. Often in a normal class setting, our math coaches interact with students. For this documented lesson, they acted more as observers while Patty and I were the main teachers to interact with the students. This footage contains the discussion that immediately followed the lesson.

Teacher Commentary

Teaching can often be an alienating experience, one adult in a classroom full of students. We teach a lesson alone, often with little time to reflect privately before having to move onto the next lesson or the next class. Therefore when given the opportunity to actually share and debrief a lesson with other teachers and coaches, the results are invaluable. The following debrief gave me meaningful accounts of what was happening in the classroom while I circulated the room. I was able to hear about the student conversations and student thinking that developed from the lesson, information I would have otherwise not known if I were alone.

Materials & Artifacts