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2nd Grade Math – Adding and Subtracting with Money

Clip 3/11: Adding and Subtracting with Money Lesson Part 1B


As she continues her lesson on adding multiple two-digit numbers, Katy presents her 2nd-grade students with a “big challenge … you are going to get to go shopping for other children today.” She describes the problem scenario, in which students will work with a partner, receiving “$300 to spend on toys that will be donated to a charity … so you’re going to have to determine and figure out what combination of toys can you buy with your $300.” She divides her students into groups and circulates among the groups, probing their thinking as they work. Her students debate their choices and correct each other when their total exceeds $300. The partners evaluate their process as they go. (“What else can we add to this? We’re going to need something else to add to it to see if we can make it.”)

Teacher Commentary

It’s so important, having that student ownership of their learning, being able to defend and agree and disagree, respectfully. We're constantly agreeing and disagreeing, and having those discussions about things and knowing that it's okay that we're not always going to be correct, that we can make mistakes. We might not know things yet, but having that specific growth mindset—we're all learning.

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