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2nd Grade Math – Adding and Subtracting with Money

Clip 4/11: Adding and Subtracting with Money Lesson Part 1C


Katy’s 2nd-grade students continue working in pairs to see what combination of two-digit prices they can select that will come as close as possible to their budget of $300 without exceeding it. Katy circulates among the groups, probing and questioning (“Why do we need to do that? Do we need to change the sum? How much are we trying to get to?”), modeling academic language (“So you’re regrouping?”), and keeping them on task (“I need two different explanations down here of how to solve it.”).

Teacher Commentary

I like pointing out different strategies that they're either going to come across or that you're seeing that they're using. I try to do that a lot, naming it so that they can then have a sense of ownership with that strategy, which I think helps with them being able to then talk about and write about their math.

I struggled with math as a kid tremendously. So I have that mindset of: this is something that I know that I have learned how to do. So I know how to help them learn how to do it that way.

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