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2nd Grade Math – Adding and Subtracting with Money

Clip 2/11: Adding and Subtracting with Money Lesson Part 1A


Katy opens her lesson with her 2nd-grade students, challenging them to work with three addends, creating the closest possible sum to 100 without exceeding it, using the whole numbers one through nine without using any number more than once. Her students share their initial attempt with a partner, discussing their addends and their sums, justifying their reasoning. Katy reconvenes her students and invites students to share their thinking, praising their strategies. Some students observe that students have reused a number, and she invites them to help each other out.

Teacher Commentary

I love bringing creativity into a classroom. It might even be me calling something not an assignment but a “mission” or “I have a problem. I need you to help me solve.” I'm kind of bringing that real life into it. I feel that if I'm excited then they get excited; if I think something's going to be boring, then I surely know that the students will think it is boring. I always have that in the back of my mind, like what creative spin can I put on this? It's not like something extra that I'm doing. It might be that I tell a story really quick, to kind of set the stage for that excitement piece in there. In the warmup, for example, I noticed that there were a lot of kids who didn't follow the rule that you can only use one number one time, and it's like, whatever, like, you know, just go with the flow.

I like coaching the students while they're working on the carpet. Just because they're on the carpet,  doesn't mean that I can't get down and sit next to them and work through a problem with them or really listen in on what they're saying. That's the time that they're really working through that teaching point that you're trying to make. Sometimes a misconception that one group is having, another group is also having, and then that gives you the opportunity to do like a micro intervention with them. Or if it's something the whole class is missing, then you need to redirect your teaching point that you're trying to make.

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