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5th Grade Math - Interpreting Fractions

Clip 5/9: Lesson - Part 4: Formative 5th Grade


Jayecelle and Michael were stuck. It was Jayecelle’s turn to pick a card and give a reason for a match. Jayecelle is learning English and Michael is fluent. I asked questions to help them move forward with their thinking.

Teacher Commentary

I picked to work with this group because I knew they were having difficulty and that sometimes Michael will just take over and do the work. I really wanted to push Jayecelle to express what she did know about one of the cards. I picked one card that represented more than a whole to see if she understood the concept of a fraction greater than 1. It was hard to think of questions to help push her thinking. I also wanted Michael to be clear with his explanation because he often has a good understanding but doesn’t always take the time to express it. I often struggle with the kind of questions to ask that help students move forward without being too leading. I was pleased to see how Cornelius gave a justification for 2/3 which included equivalent equal parts.

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