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5th Grade Math - Interpreting Fractions

Clip 6/9: Lesson - Part 5: Formative 5th Grade


Students who were done were asked to number the fractions from least to greatest. Students were also asked to think about the warm-up and revise the previous day’s sort. Xita and Dwight were having a hard time moving forward and needed some prompting. Ethan and Jenny were asked to revise their drawing for accuracy.

Teacher Commentary

Xita and Dwight started to get stuck, and I used questioning about benchmarks to move them forward. I wanted them to focus on what they were able to notice about the diagrams. One question was to tell if a diagram represented more or less than ½. After answering that question, I asked them to use the marks on the diagram and add more marks to find the specific fraction that was more than ½. I noticed that Ethan and Jenny had a diagram that was not precise. I asked questions to help them use what they knew to help critique their own diagram.