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5th Grade Math - Interpreting Fractions

Clip 4/9: Lesson - Part 3: Formative 5th Grade


This segment begins the collaborative task of adding the measurement models (Set C) to the card sort. On the previous day, students had matched the numerical representations of fractions to area models. Students were given instructions to work with their partner to make the decisions. They used the sentence frame: Card ___ is equivalent to ___ because it shows _____. The partner needed to agree or disagree and explain why.

Teacher Commentary

I wanted students to look at the cards and have time to make sense of the cards individually before starting to share with a partner. The purpose of the sentence frames was to make sure that students were giving reasons for their matches and that both students had a chance to explain why a card was equivalent. A fraction vocabulary list was posted, and I was hoping to hear correct use of words like equivalent, numerator, denominator, etc. during the conversations. I told students that they could use tools or mark the cards to help them make sense of the representations. On the pre-assessment, many students had trouble with precision when placing fractions on a number line. Some students gave a more clear explanation that showed understanding, and some students probably needed to be pushed a little more.

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