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Clip 2/7: Lesson Base Ten - Part 1


The lesson began with a warm-up activity called "Rename that Number". The target number 34 is written on the board and the students are asked to rename that number in as many ways as possible in their math message book. The focus of the next warm-up, "Quick Look with the Ten Frames", was to focus on structured student talk. Students were given a 2 second quick look at 3 ten frames and asked to determine that number (23) mentally. Using sentence frames, students shared with their partner what number they saw and how they saw it. A variety of ways were discussed as a whole group after everyone had a chance to share with their partner.

Teacher Commentary

I feel it's important to maintain an environment where students feel safe and confident trying a variety of strategies to solve a problem. You will see in the clip that a student makes an error, but feels comfortable taking the time to correct it. Self- correction empowers students.

First graders love to talk, and I believe their learning is greatly enhanced when they are an active part of the process. Talking with each other with the use of sentence frames keeps them on task. It's much easier for them to stay focused on "academic talk" when there is a structure to their talk.

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