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1st Grade Math - Base Ten Menu

Clip 3/7: Lesson Base Ten - Part 2


The menu activity was "How Many are Hiding?" Student pairs were given a bag with 10 cubes, a paper plate, and the "How Many Are Hiding Recording Sheet". In addition, sentence frames were posted on the board so students could produce academic language using structured student talk and convince their partners with oral justification. One partner takes some of the cubes and "hides" them under the plate. The remaining is placed on the top. The second partner uses sentence frames to answer the questions "What number do you see?", "How many are hiding?", "How do you know __ are hiding"? In addition, the answers are recorded. Roles are then reversed. The partner game gives students practice in composing and decomposing numbers within ten.

Teacher Commentary

As I walk around the class, you may notice I remind students about tools they can use (such as their number line or a number grid) to help them solve their problems. I feel it was worth the time at the beginning of the year playing many games with these tools so students become familiar and comfortable using them throughout the year.

Materials & Artifacts