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1st Grade Math - Base Ten Menu

Clip 1/7: Pre-Lesson: 1st Grade Base Ten


Teacher Liz O'Neill and Math Coach Kris Acquisti plan the day's lesson.

Teacher Commentary

Thoughtful planning is crucial to effective lessons. For me, that involves determining both content and language objectives. In this lesson, I wanted my students to compose and decompose numbers up to 10 and justify their reasoning. I also wanted my students to use specific language. To accomplish this, I like to use sentence frames to ensure all students are using academic language.

I also like to plan how I will assess the class to ensure each student is engaged and has accomplished the lesson objectives. Today I will do this with structured student talk, wait time for student answers and written answers. I will also monitor student talk as I walk around the class and ask students questions to further their understanding.

In addition I will plan on ways to help struggling students, as well as ways to ramp up the activities for those who are ready.

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