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Quick Reference: What Are These Tools?

Inside Problem Solving: Non-routine problems that promote a problem-solving theme. The problems are organized into five levels of difficulty, Level A (primary) through Level E (high school). Learn more here.

Performance assessment tasks: Grade-level formative performance assessment tasks with accompanying scoring rubrics and discussion of student work samples. The tasks are aligned to the Common Core standards. Learn more here.

Classroom videos: Videos of public lessons and number talks, most based on performance assessment tasks, that have been extensively field-tested in multiple settings and refined over time. Learn more here.

Dana Center early mathematics tasks: A series of instructional tasks, aligned with the Common Core standards, that teachers can use to instruct grades pre-K through grade 2. Most sessions have a literature focus to draw children into the content and to keep them connected to a context. Learn more here.

Formative re-engaging lessons: Videos of a classroom lesson involving re-engagement around a mathematical concept following a cycle of inquiry, instruction, assessment, analysis, and selection. These lessons include lesson plans, student pages, pre- and post-assessments, and supporting instructional materials. Learn more here.

Please note that not all types of resources are available at every grade.