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Standard 5: Use Appropriate Tools Strategically

Clip 8/13: Standard 5: Use Appropriate Tools Strategically Using Pythagorean Theorem Part 2


Mathematically proficient students consider the available tools when solving a mathematical problem.

Patty’s students give advice to their peers about perseverance and strategies they can use to help themselves in an upcoming MARS performance assessment task. She asks “What do you do when you’re stuck? What strategies should you try?” Students think, write, then share their strategies with each other. They identify strategies using anchor charts and calculators, drawing pictures, consulting a peer, taking their time, double-checking their work and ensuring that it makes sense. This clip also relates to standard 1 (make sense of problems & persevere in solving them), standard 3 (construct viable arguments & critique the reasoning of others), and standard 4 (model with mathematics).

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