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8th Grade Math - Representing Constant Rate of Change

Clip 3/17: Rate of Change: Pre-Lesson Part 2A


Before she teaches her lesson, Antoinette Villarin and her colleague Cecilio Dimas discuss her analysis of her students’ prior knowledge. Antoinette comments that her students were struggling with the concept of what “faster” means in the context of rate of change. She also states a goal to have her students engage more with each other in mathematical discourse, and she explains how her use of sentence frames, a card sort, and whiteboards will support her students in doing so.

Teacher Commentary

Having a colleague to reflect with is powerful. With Cecilio, when he came in, he observed and took note of the kids and the teaching style that I had. I think the best part about his coaching are his questioning techniques; he'll ask me to reflect on what I thought about the lesson, and in our discussion it’s almost like me answering my own question of what didn't work and what did work. He has a lot of content knowledge and a lot of really cool teaching strategies. He had really great ideas for what I might want to do in that group.