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8th Grade Math - Representing Constant Rate of Change

Clip 2/17: Rate of Change: Pre-Lesson Part 1B


Antoinette Villarin and Cecilio Dimas continue their pre-lesson conversation, focusing on the purposes and anticipated outcomes of the Formative Assessment Lesson. Antoinette describes her rationale for specific teaching moves, such as “turn and talk,” and what she will be listening for in her students’ conversations. Cecilio observes that Antoinette engages her students in mathematical discourse to build her students’ agency and identity as mathematical thinkers. Antoinette shares that she uses sentence frames to support her students’ use of academic language.

Teacher Commentary

In the classroom, rather than me being the person in charge of sharing how students solve it, I'm working a lot on saying, "Okay, did anybody solve it a certain way? Can you come up here?" I'm having kids come up a lot more than I ever have in the past, leading discussions and showing their work under the document camera because originally, when I started to do that early on, it was just, "Okay, tell me what you did," and I would be the pen ... kind of like a number talk. I would teach number-talk-style which is a great strategy — but now, I'm having kids come up and I'm having to constantly remind myself, "Have them come up. Have them share their thinking, and have it be more like a whole-class discussion versus a back-and-forth between student and myself." That's something I'm still working on.