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5th Grade Math – Decimal Place Value

Clip 20/29: Day 2: Decimal Lesson Part E


Erika Isomura’s 5th-grade students continue to work in pairs to classify, sort, and glue down decimal representations in numerical order. Erika invites her students to compare their work to their work for prior investigations and other problems. She reminds each partner to contribute equally to the pair work. She asks “How did you get that? Can you show it to me in a picture or with numbers?” She challenges partners to contribute to their pair’s mutual work: “Make sure he's proving it to you. Don't just let him talk it out.” As partners finish their work, Erika invites them to do a “gallery walk” of other partners’ work to check and compare their work.

Teacher Commentary

One of the things was I really wanted to find out was whether they understood quantity in decimal form. Understood that hundredths are smaller than tenths, because they kind of sort of look the same, so maybe they're kind of sort of the same.

I really wanted to get a better understanding of their understanding of magnitude and size.

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