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5th Grade Math – Decimal Place Value

Clip 19/29: Day 2: Decimal Lesson Part D


Erika Isomura’s 5th grade students continue to work in pairs to classify, sort, and glue down decimal representations in numerical order. Erika circulates around the classroom, engaging students in sharing their thinking. She says to one pair, “This could be our prototype. This is our test run. We're kind of working on it, thinking. After we have some new ideas and maybe we have some better understanding of what we're doing, we can always come back to it. Okay?”

Teacher Commentary

There were some students who immediately saw "Well, we've done this. It may not look exactly the same, but we've done this." A couple of them had come from the last [big unit we did on multiplying and dividing fractions](…). One reason a pair gave me was place value: you line up the ones together, you line up the tenths together, you make sure the decimal points are together, and then you just do it.

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