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2nd Grade Math - Word Problem Clues

Clip 8/11: Word Clues Lesson - Part 6


In this clip, when the students realize that their initial work is wrong, they have an impulse to correct it.

Teacher Commentary

Here, I want students to examine their process. I photocopied their work on purpose and gave them a choice about how to revisit their work. While they have a photocopy, I also provided them with a blank sheet. With some kids, they can mark up their original work; for others, they need to reformulate their thinking on a new page. I asked the question: "How many of you would like to change something?" I was pleased to see the students' willingness to say what they would change/add. When students looked around the room, they could see that they were not the only ones to want to change their work. It had been challenging getting this group to see an alternative way of working, but through this process it opened up many of them to examine how to reflect on their own work. I still had a challenge with several students who continued to be confused in applying that learning to a new problem. Through this process, students are encouraged to slow down and consider: What should I do first? What words are important? What words are not so important? Students could identify or compare the cost of the two items ($.65 and $.45); it was challenging for students to get past the desire to get both items and identify the difference. Their answer to the problem was "buy both," which is a typical second grade answer! But mathematically, I was trying to impress upon them why that didn't make sense if you were going to buy just one.

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