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2nd Grade Math - Word Problem Clues

Clip 7/11: Word Clues Lesson - Part 5


In this clip, Tracy focuses on management, taking the time to have students restate what it is they're supposed to do.

Teacher Commentary

This strategy was particular to this group of learners, regarding minimizing off-topic conversations. This was a social, sweet group, and I needed to focus the conversations deeply on mathematical thinking. I asked Chaniya to explain the dyad because she had a lot of influence on her immediate group and she needed to clarify what she needed to do next to keep herself and her cohort on task. I ask the students a lot of questions. For some of my "fast finishers," I wanted to give them other questions to think about, not only a matter of additional work, but an opportunity to ponder deeper issues. I feel as if I've created a safe place for students to examine their own errors and think about how to improve their own work.

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