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2nd Grade Math – Adding and Subtracting with Money

Clip 7/11: Adding and Subtracting with Money Lesson Part 2B


As they prepare to share their partner work with the whole group, Katy’s 2nd-grade students represent their problem solving on their worksheets, some using place-value blocks to check their accuracy. Katy moves among the pairs asking questions. (“When you came up with 25 tens, hat did you do with that?” “If you have 300 here, which place value should we start with what makes it the most efficient?”) She calls the group back together to the carpet to share.

Teacher Commentary

I feel like I'm, like, leaps and bounds from where I began as a teacher—even little things like learning to pick my battles with kids, to go with the flow. Things aren't always going to go perfectly (and they don't, nine times out of ten, go perfectly), so just learning how to constantly learn to adapt, to make a decision, and to problem solve on the spot.

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