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Elementary School: Taking Responsibility for Learning

Clip 1/19: Reflection 1: Mia on supporting students to work through misconceptions


Establishing and following Classroom Routines: Mia describes this challenge for the teacher as “walking away from wrong.” She poses scenarios that allow students to confront their misunderstandings. She notes that the compulsion to help students get the answer is very strong, but if she views her teaching as formative assessment, and takes a long view of student learning, she can not be as worried about a student developing solid understandings after 50 minutes. She says “I’m in the long game. I’m not thinking about this day, or even this unit. I’m thinking about June.”


What does Mia mean when she says “I’m in it for the long game?”
What is the advantage of not ensuring students have the right answer?
Is this approach supported by your colleagues and administrators?

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