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Standard 1: Make Sense of Problems & Persevere in Solving Them

Clip 26/29: Standard 1: Making Sense and Perseverance Using Quadrilaterals Closure Part A


See how SEL Competencies and Mathematical Practices work together in this classroom. 
(Describing an Ideal Classroom, Appendix)

They make conjectures about the form and meaning of the solution and plan a solution pathway rather than simply jumping into a solution attempt... They monitor and evaluate their progress and change course if necessary.

In the closure of the first day of Humphreys’ students’ exploration, she orients them to the next phase, which will require students to justify and prove their findings about the diagonals of the kites. In this clip, she asks them to “convince yourself, convince a friend, convince a skeptic” with their justifications.

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(Parts A & B)

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