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5th Grade Math - Calculating Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Clip 13/13: Calculating Volume of Rectangular Prisms PostLesson Debrief


After her lesson on calculating volume, Mallory reflects on the lesson in conversation with a professional colleague.

Teacher Commentary

I've been really lucky to be in the same content for a long period of time. So, when you're in that long, there's layers of it that you're able to add on, going a little bit deeper because you're not as worried about understanding what you're teaching. You're now able to put language to what you're teaching, and models and visuals, and there's different layers. I think over time, I've been able to practice my craft and have been able to have people give me feedback, apply that feedback, and do the research. In professional developments, when you are participating, like when you are a head speaker, you definitely are challenging yourself to know what you're speaking about to influence other people. So over time, I think that I have.

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