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5th Grade Math - Calculating Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Clip 9/13: Calculating Volume of Rectangular Prisms Lesson Part 2B


As her 5th-grade students continue drawing the strategies that they used in each act of the Three-Act Task, Mallory circulates around the groups. Students use the printed image of the second act—the opened top of the box—annotating and drawing to indicate how their estimates were connected to what they observed. Mallory reminds them that “you wrote that there’s three columns and six rows, so we can show that as well… Draw arrows with a marker to indicate where the rows are and where the columns are.”

Teacher Commentary

When they’re engaged, other than having clear answers, they are participating or actively looking or writing. I think you can kind of feel the demeanor of the child that they're in the activity there. They’re really trying eagerly to find the answer. And it's not out of compliance. It's out of trying to discover what the solution might be.

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