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5th Grade Math – Adding and Subtracting Fractions Using a Line Plot

Clip 9/16: Adding and Subtracting Fractions Using a Line Plot Lesson Part 2A


Mallory engages students in defending their solutions to problem one, and sets them to the task of problem two. She asks them how they will approach the problem and differentiates their picture from a model, “because the model will show you how you find the solution.” She encourages students to share their solutions and strategies with each other: “You can draw a picture … or you can create a number line …” One student shares that he’s going to use a box model. She challenges students to see if they can find another way to solve. She repeats students’ responses back to them: “This is what I hear you saying, is that you added your mixed numbers, the amount for each mixed number, and then once you found those amounts, you added them all together?”

Teacher Commentary

With the lesson itself, I love tasks that allow the questioning to be broken up. The kids oftentimes catch the main question that's going to be asked them, and then within that, it just really helps a teacher present a conceptual idea to a kid and then they can kind of tackle it, and unfold it.  

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