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9th - 12th Grade - Newcomer ELL Algebra - Graphing Quadratics

Clip 8/13: Graphing Quadratics Lesson - Part 8


Cabana analyzes a group's work in terms of logical flow and carefulness of organization, trying to make a guess about what they really understand.

Teacher Commentary

I wanted to help them see the conceptual whole, based on their work and the thing I wanted to help them attend to.

As I was watching these I kept thinking, "Why am I focusing so much on whether their work is done correctly or not? Why am I not asking them as many questions that I usually do about reasoning and the big picture?" Based on this clip, I think what was in my head is that this is where they were, gathering enough insight into the bits and pieces, that the next day's lesson they'd have enough under their belts that we could come back to the big picture on the next day and think about reasons and common mistakes and the connections.

In their handout, the equation of a parabola is written in different ways that would help them see why factoring is useful for helping make a sketch. They need to be making decisions about "When do I plug in zero and why, and when do I factor or not?" Their papers are going to be complicated. There's going to be a lot of stuff on there, which I think is why I was paying so much attention to the details.

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