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9th - 12th Grade - Newcomer ELL Algebra - Graphing Quadratics

Clip 1/13: Graphing Quadratics Lesson - Part 1


This is a framing of the day's work of which I feel like it's my job to be public about the big picture of what students are learning and what success might look like. They're going to build sketches of parabolas which they find and link to a T-table.

Teacher Commentary

In some ways, this is also thinking ahead to a lesson on the next day. This is a routine practice, my "MO"—I want them to struggle and experiment and figure lots of things out and then on a subsequent day we can try to consolidate understanding by putting all those pieces together. Hopefully we'll help them feel like "I'm going to get to a place where something is easy. I know this because I can do _____, because I can produce sketch of a parabola accurately." That was my only goal, to clarify the big idea or the big picture, so that when necessary I can come back to it as they were working.

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