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8th Grade Math - Representing Constant Rate of Change

Clip 15/17: Rate of Change: Post-Lesson Debrief Part A


In their post-lesson debrief, Antoinette Villarin and mathematics coach Cecilio Dimas discuss the lesson, students’ learning, and future directions. In this clip, Cecilio asks Antoinette to share her initial thoughts on how the lesson went.

She responds that she heard many students using the academic language highlighted at the beginning of the lesson, and she observed student pairs working effectively and providing mathematical justification for their reasoning.

She noted that some students struggled with recording their justifications in written form. Antoinette and Cecilio describe different ways in which the students engaged in productive struggle, and how the students looked for and made use of mathematical structures.

Teacher Commentary

To have Cecilio there in my classroom in my district has been really nice, because we have coaching, but they work a lot more with a lot of the beginning year teachers. I miss it a lot. Lately, we haven't had a coach come in; it's very sporadic because she's spread out through many schools. She'll come in whenever she can, but she has higher priority teachers that need her support.