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Rate of Change: Lesson Part 3C


As they close the day’s learning, Antoinette Villarin asks the students who returned from the gallery walk and sharing to describe their findings to their partners.

The student pairs work together, discussing and justifying modifications to their recording sheets. Antoinette collects the graph slides, cards, and materials.

She asks students to engage in a brief reflection/exit ticket at the end of the lesson, responding to the prompts “Today I learned… One question I still have about interpreting parts of a graph is… My partner and I left off on… Tomorrow we will continue with….”

Antoinette adjourns the lesson by telling them that their exit ticket responses will help them remember where they will begin the next day’s continued work.

Teacher Commentary

I think writing is really important. I think having a lot of reflection time and exit tickets where students are explaining what they've seen or how they can use the math that they learned. I think word problems or [MARS tasks]( are really helpful, where they ask students to explain their thinking of where they see it or give meaning to it. I also think connections and multiple representations of math concepts are also important, so asking students, "Where do you see that in the equation? Where do you see it in the story? Where do you see it in the graph? How can we connect that all?" I think that is helpful, too.

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