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8th Grade Math - Representing Constant Rate of Change

Clip 8/17: Rate of Change: Lesson Part 1D


Antoinette Villarin shares a slide with new graphs showing rate of change and asks her students to use the sentence frames with their partners to describe what they see, using precise mathematical language as they do so.

Teacher Commentary

For many of my students, I find that a lot of times it's challenging for them to use writing to explain their thinking. Then you ask them, and they can explain it verbally. It’s something that continually needs to be practiced — to use both oral and written language to communicate your thinking. I also think that students struggle with perseverance. It’s important to teach them to have a growth mindset and to not give up when learning math. It’s a class culture I try to set from the very beginning of the school year all the way to the end.

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