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8th Grade Math - Representing Constant Rate of Change

Clip 6/17: Rate of Change: Lesson Part 1B


Antoinette Villarin asks her students to engage in a “turn and talk” with a fellow student, with the purpose of describing how they would know how many centimeters of liquid will be in the bottom container, given the number of centimeters in the top container.

Students use the vocabulary and sentence frames she provided to make sense of the problem. Antoinette gathers the students back together and asks the pairs to share their findings with the whole group.

Antoinette names the constraints for the problem. She then asks students to look at a graphical representation of the problem and respond to the prompt "I think this graph represents ..." on their whiteboards.

Her students then share their statements with their partners. After the students share with each other, Antoinette asks pairs to report out on their conversations.

Teacher Commentary

Early on for me as a new teacher, I just went in and taught the lesson without really thinking too much in detail about the finer points that really can change a lesson drastically. These can be subtle things, like “Turn and talk with the purpose of,” having kids come up to share, or even just having them walk around to do a gallery walk. These strategies are all intentional with a purpose for supporting the instruction.

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