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8th grade math - Pythagorean Theorem

Clip 5/5: Reflection on Pythagorean Theorem Lesson


Patty explains her use of formative assessment to gauge students’ understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem. She asks students, “what are the relationships" among the legs and hypotenuse of the right triangle? She describes how students did fine using the Pythagorean Theorem when they were provided the lengths of a triangle’s two legs. But they were more challenged when they had to figure out the length of a triangle leg when given the length of the hypotenuse and only one leg. She plans her re-engagement lesson and supports for the kind of mathematical problem she will ask her students to engage with next.

Teacher Commentary

I want students to be able to engage each other in thinking, and to develop self-efficacy and confidence related to their own work in math. I want them to think deeply about what we’re doing, and that takes time.

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