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7th Grade Math - Algebraic Equations, Inequalities, & Properties

Clip 12/20: 7th Grade Closure - Part A


Jacob Disston and his students share their insights into the day's lesson and reflect on what they learned.

Teacher Commentary

COMMENTARY BY COACH LINDA FISHER: During the closure, Jake spends time discussing various ways that groups sorted equations. This part seemed like an opportunity to make all the knowledge or thinking from the groups public. It also honored the idea that there could be different categories. Once the equations were discussed, he didn’t choose to delve into the categories for the other two groups. Is it always necessary to have a group discussion about everything? Why or why not?

As I watch the lesson, I see that there are several built in places for assessment. In the first problem, students are given chances to write about their thinking so far (See the student artifacts – questions 1 and 2.) In the lesson closure, students are assessed by being asked to create new examples. Why is this a significant process for assessment? What does it tell you about how students are learning?

Materials & Artifacts