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7th & 8th Grade Math - Comparing Linear Functions

Clip 12/14: Student Debrief Comparing Linear Functions


Cecilio Dimas had asked Danielle, Tricia, Charles, and Alex to participate in a post-lesson student interview. In the post lesson interview, he asks students to share what their previous experience had been with tables, key learning, confusion experienced as well as what they did to achieve clarity, the role of zero, their perspective on making corrections to incorrect student work, and assumptions.

Teacher Commentary

Kyle brought up an interesting idea regarding the mathematical sense of the student work regardless of it accurate depiction of the three DVD price plans. Charles sought clarification about one of the student errors. I didn’t anticipate receiving this question from him, because his work and comments during the lesson appeared to show understanding. This interview process reiterated the importance of multiple measures and providing opportunity for further clarification and affirmation of ideas and questions. I found the opportunity to interview a sample of students after a lesson to absolutely insightful. I can only imagine the significant impact of including students in the process of reflection would have on classroom instruction.

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