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6th Grade Math - Rates - Price School

Clip 6/6: Post Lesson - Part 3 Price School


One of the facilitators asks the question: How would you build on these ideas or observations? Where would you go next instructionally? Teachers discuss the question in pairs and then share ideas with the group.

Teacher Commentary

COACH LINDA FISHER: Teachers raised many issues, such as the idea that rates have primarily been used for interest or tax and how the ratio of boys: girls notation is so similar to rate. Observers also talked about how it seemed natural for students to go from a small rate to a larger rate. This makes me think about how I can pose or design a question where it is more convenient to go from large to small or use a unit rate. What question would be more useful to hold the numerator constant? I also like the idea of trying to introduce some rates that don't involve time such as cost per gumball.