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6th Grade Math - Rates - Price School

Clip 4/6: Post Lesson - Part 1 Price School


Lesson observers share about the significant mathematical ideas they observed. What do students understand? Where do students struggle? Then teachers talk about the next instructional steps for pushing student thinking forward.

Condon reflects on his observations and tells what happened after the observers left the lesson. The teacher and another of the lesson planners share data from their observations.

Teacher Commentary

COACH LINDA FISHER: The lesson continued for about 15 minutes after the observers left. Most students seemed to have the idea that one of the terms needed to be the same. Almost all the groups focused on making time the same. One student tried to explain the idea of a unit rate, but couldn't connect that concept to other unit rates, like miles per hour. In tallying up student written responses, most students knew that it wasn't fair or could articulate that the time wasn't the same. One student was able to say that you had to have the same amount of things. I think this idea could be explored to help students develop the idea that the number of objects could be the same or the amount of time could be the same. Some students went to a procedural interpretation of dividing, but couldn't connect it with the idea of unit rate. I think having this data helps us think about where to go next or how to build on students' natural ways of thinking.