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6th Grade Math - Rates - Price School

Clip 2/6: Lesson - Part 2 Price School


Students are asked to name some familiar or common rates. Students then try to give their own definition of rate after looking at these examples. Finally students are given a ratio with no words and asked what it could mean.

Teacher Commentary

COACH LINDA FISHER: I was surprised with some of the examples of rates given by students, such as cost of meal and tip. Students did not seem to be as familiar with rates as I might have expected. After some coaxing, they were able to think about miles per hour.

Students struggled with defining rate. When we trialed the lesson, there was more time available to tease out their thinking. Because of the short class period, the teacher had to move through this part faster than desired.

Finally, the teacher gave students naked numbers (600/15) and asked them what it could mean. They gave answers such as 600 meters in 15 sec, or 600 burgers made and 15 sold. When asked which one was right, we heard lots of ahas. It got through to them that the rates had to have words or quantities to be a rate.

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