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6th Grade Math - Rates - Lipman School

Clip 9/11: Post Lesson - Part 2 Lipman School


Teacher and coaches examine posters from the lesson and discuss how it fits with their expectations before the lesson. In particular they were surprised that students seemed to prefer unit rate even thought it is more complicated. They look at the effect of asking, "Is there a simpler strategy?" They had anticipated that most students would go to a larger number, yet many students were able to simplify the numbers. Becca Sherman reflects over the growth of the students from last year to this and thinks about next steps. How could we help students connect rate or ratio with the t-charts and graphs? Joe Condon is concerned with how complex the unit idea is. When looking at 15 seconds for 30 beans, some saw the ½, but couldn't articulate what that meant.

Teacher Commentary

COACH LINDA FISHER: The lesson study group had been focusing on algebraic thinking. In this segment we look at how students are making generalizations. Also we look at what might come next. How do we connect this thinking about ratio to using t-charts and graphs? How do we help them develop multiplicative thinking rather than going step by step to extend a table? The group wants to think about the natural learning trajectory and how to make connections between mathematical ideas.

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