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6th Grade Math - Rates - Lipman School

Clip 4/11: Lesson - Part 3 Lipman School


Students are now shown three numbers: Joe 1 ½, Sarah 1 ¼, and Alex 2. Then students are asked what these numbers could represent. What are the words that go with these rates? Finally students must justify who is fastest.

Teacher Commentary

COACH LINDA FISHER: I like how the lesson study team has a clear goal for the each situation and has made posters to structure the thinking and discussion. This borrows on the Japanese lesson structure of designing the board to tell a story, so that ideas aren't lost as the discussion moves to the next question. While many things can happen with the use of technology, such as overheads or document readers, I appreciate seeing how the ideas unfold across the board as the new questions and ideas are presented. The posters also keep the lesson focused on the important mathematical ideas being discussed, so that the lesson doesn't get sidetracked by random ideas.

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