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5th Grade Math - Proportions & Ratios

Clip 8/24: Proportions Problem 2 - Part A


In this clip, Hillary Lewis-Wolfsen invites students to look at another problem and one strategy used by a student to answer the problem.

Teacher Commentary

I like having the students read the problems to the class. There are students who are not comfortable sharing their mathematical ideas with the whole group. They want to participate. Reading the problem aloud is often the safest way for them to participate.

One of the unusual situations of being in someone else’s classroom is having to explain my own routines several times. When teaching my own class, these routines are established over time and wouldn’t need as much repeating. I use the “private thumb” because it allows me to know who is finished, but the kids who are still working are not distracted or intimidated by kids waving hands in the air.

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