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5th Grade Math - Proportions & Ratios

Clip 3/24: Proportions Planning Part C


In this clip, Linda Fisher, Carolyn Dobson, and Hillary LewisLewis-Wolfsen discuss how they prioritized which problems to spend time on during the re-engagement lesson.

Teacher Commentary

LINDA FISHER: We were working to identify the "story of the task" related to this candies assessment, and that drives our selection of particular student responses.

The story of the task relates to—what is the story that relates to you, that you want to get across to the kids. Kids need to have discussions and opportunities to put numbers on diagrams for themselves, rather than just being given numbers. The cognitive demand is for them to be working on the mathematical task. With some other problems, the story of the task is—most people couldn’t do it, but what strategies were successful for the few? It's so worthwhile, if you think in-depth on one problem, it starts to affect moment-to-moment thinking on other things in the classroom. It develops a lens that starts to become automatic in other things that you do.

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