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5th Grade Math – Decimal Place Value

Clip 25/29: Day 2: Decimal Post-Lesson Debrief Part C


Mia Buljan and Erika Isomura discuss the work of a particular pair of students who worked in a focused way to develop their own understanding. Mia describes this as a “beautiful piece of teaching,” in that Erika led the students to make connections between the problem and the experiences they already had.

Mia asks Erika to describe other instances in which the students take Erika’s choice of “anchor activities” and then are able to use these anchors to make their own mathematical connections.

Erika responds that she sees her students using prior anchor posters as a tool to support their work, going back to their math notebooks to check their own prior work and to help them “rethink how they were thinking when they did that work.”

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