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5th Grade Math – Decimal Place Value

Clip 22/29: Day 2: Decimal Lesson Part G


Erika Isomura connects her students’ thinking back to the [previous lesson with fractional lengths of strings](…). Erika closes the lesson by praising students’ perseverance and the value of mistakes —“We like mistakes because they give us something to learn from…think of this as your prototype, this is our test run, we're trying it out, once we learn a little bit more, once we become more experts, we can always go back and make some changes.”

Teacher Commentary

After this lesson, I was thinking we could talk about some of our problems in areas that were feeling a little tricky. Then [I] hear people who feel like, "Oh no, I think we've got some ideas around that."
They would go back and we’d write on our posters to clarify for other people. Then we do a gallery walk, then we come back and we debrief: “That was really helpful because. That was not so helpful because. Hey, when I saw this it made me think about _____.”
Then we'll do what we call our “investigations,” and we'll investigate that idea and see.

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