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5th & 6th Grade Math – Multiple Representations of Numeric Patterning

Clip 10/14: Numeric Pattern Student Debrief - Part B


Math coach Margie Trainer interviews several students about the lesson.

Teacher Commentary

Capturing reflections as the learners leave is a great way to gauge the pulse of a class. Even though I do a lot of visiting with all of the table groups throughout the lesson, it’s not reasonable to get thoroughly engaged in each learner’s understanding. I’ll often take these reflection cards, read through them quickly, make a note of general trends and then recycle them within minutes of the class ending. Once in awhile you’ll want to revisit someone’s reflection card but for the most part this is a quick assessment of the engagement level of a lesson.

Note: The first learner in the student reflections clip is Adrian, aka Learner A. Notice how he continues to pretend like he isn’t Learner A! We wondered, as a team, how the learners whose work was spotlighted in this activity would feel or engage. In both cases, the learners decided to work on the other learner’s work. I’d also suspect, after debriefing with team members, that these learners gained a great deal more form this experience, being forced to think deeply about their own work.

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