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5th & 6th Grade Math – Multiple Representations of Numeric Patterning

Clip 6/14: Numeric Pattern Problem 1


This stage of the lesson starts with the learners individually reviewing a copy of two students' work on the "Buttons" task. After individual think time, the learners discuss the document in table groups. After individual and group time passes, Fran facilitates a class conversation about what they see in the two learners' work.

Teacher Commentary

I find structured individual think time is crucial to fostering rich discourse in the math classroom. You’ll see in the clip how the learners are ready to discuss what they know or they have a question about the sample work. This simple step allows all learners to access the activity and provides more opportunity for learners to get involved in a discussion, rather than the quick thinkers dominating the conversation.

As the learners are sharing what they “heard at their table” I noticed that I’m paying attention to where I position myself. At one point I call on Kelsey and I walk to the opposite side of the room and then turn to face Kelsey to show I’m listening. My goal is to put as many learner tables between myself and the speaker, and to give my full attention to the speaker. This sends a non-verbal cue to the learners in the room that our speaker deserves respect and has something valuable to contribute. I tend to walk the room at lot more than in the video, often staying away from the front board. I want to limit the amount of teacher talk time as much as possible and have learners speaking as much as possible.

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