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5th & 6th Grade Math – Multiple Representations of Numeric Patterning

Clip 12/14: Numeric Pattern Faculty Debrief - Part A


Fran Dickinson and his colleagues gather together to debrief the lesson. Themes of overplanning, teachable moments, and cognitive sticking points for the learners are discussed. Fran reflects on what he might change if he were to do the lesson over again. Stacy Emory defines re-engagement lessons and illustrates her point by reflecting on the day’s lesson.

Teacher Commentary

I had planned to have learners explore all 5 representations in this lesson. We started with the numerical representations of Learners A and B. It turned out to be challenging for many of my learners to represent these numeric representations mathematically. We never made it to the other representations today. Earlier in my career, I may have been tempted to push through and “finish” the lesson I had planned. I made the call to stay on pictorial representations because there were so many great conversations happening in the classroom and there was also a considerable amount of disequilibrium in the room. Had I pushed through to quickly get to the graphical representation, then we would have missed out on some great discourse and reasoning. I really like Stacy Emory’s description of how learners might gain a deeper understanding of pictorial representations and how to model a function by looking more closely at the relationship between the numerical and pictorial relationships.