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5th & 6th Grade Math – Multiple Representations of Numeric Patterning

Clip 8/14: Closure - Numeric Pattern


At the close of the lesson, learners are chosen to present their thinking. Notice how the progression of presenters increases with sophistication and accuracy.

Teacher Commentary

As learners were working I was in constant motion stopping for a couple of minutes at each table. I was noting how the learners where thinking about the task. It became evident to me that the learners where having a tough time representing learner B so I chose to focus only on learner B in the wrap up session. I chose the learners I asked to present to the class based on the idea that we would explore increasingly sophisticated representations. This ramping up allows learners the best chance to wrap their minds around the conversation that ensues between Kelsey, Eric, and Robbie.

Note how we end with some clear disequilibrium in the room, yet we do have a bit of closure. I purposefully do not “give an answer,” especially since the nature of this investigation was dissecting two different solutions.

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