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4th Grade Math - Number Operations: Multiplication & Division

Clip 12/16: Problem 4 - 4th Grade Number Ops Part D


Students are asked to take the words of the story and make a math picture. No question is asked yet. The story is: “Maria saved $24. She saved 3 times as much as Wayne.”

Teacher Commentary

It is so hard to decide which student work to begin with. I would have shown different work in retrospect. It is also difficult to get students to think about another student’s work especially if they are still unsure of their own thinking. For this reason I might choose to establish correct idea of 3 groups of 8 before exploring different models. In particular, I noticed that one student changed his mind from a correct model to an incorrect one. Lots of decisions to make in very little time… that’s teaching. Thankfully we have many days ahead and behind.

Materials & Artifacts